Working with a Professional

Everyone is a photographer.

In the age of digital photography, there is a relatively low barrier to entry for photographers — you have a good camera, some motivation and a few people who like your photography.    Everyone has an Uncle Jimmy who splurged for the Digital SLR and is considered the “Family Photographer”, right?  Right.  Unfortunately, photography isn’t about pointing the camera and capturing what you see, it’s about capturing how something makes you feel.

To be a great photographer, you need more than expensive equipment and some friends who like your photos. You need an eye for light, composition and theme — you need patience, you need passion, and above all, you need to respect the subject matter.  The best photos aren’t always the most technically perfect or the most perfectly framed – they are the ones that capture something human, something emotional and real.  A photograph can be of anything.  A face, a building, a person; it doesn’t matter how significant or otherwise—each one should be the most honest representation of what it is that makes that subject beautiful.