Headshot: Location Payoff

More challenging? Yes. More rewarding? Absolutely.

I’ve recently made a conscious move away from the studio in favour of location shoots.  They are not for everybody, granted – some people just want/need a basic plain studio backdrop – and that is perfectly ok.  Studio work has its merits and is an art unto itself – I’ve just chosen not to specialize in it.  (more...)

PHOTO: Granville Island Headshot

I always recommend shooting at Granville Island, BC when a client is looking for variety.  This great shot was taken in a small undercover area next to an artisan metalwork shop and it has a great urban-industrial look.  Granville Island is such an amazing place to shoot because of the diverse backdrops and locations all packed into a small area – clients (more...)

PHOTO: Old Red

PHOTO: Bulldogish

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