Choosing a Photographer

The Right Photographer for the Job

Your choice of photographer should balance practicality and personal style.  A good photographer will enter into a project as a partner in the creative process.  You should be comfortable with their track record of experiences, and their ability to interpret a wide spectrum of subjects and whose approach to the work resonates for you.  We feel our approach is rooted in flexibility and respect.  We take your direction and style cues, put them through the filter of our experience to produce exactly what you want… and, on our best days,  bring you something you never imagined possible.

Why Photography is Important

If you’re paying for photography, it might as well be great. Cory Permack Photography costs no more than most professional photographers, but produces consistently great work. That’s great, not good. With photography, good is average, which is actually bad, because it simply blends in with everything else. Cory’s photos capture what makes you stand out.